Looking for professional development for teachers, new offerings for a parent university, or a unique student assembly?

Here are a few ideas. Or, let’s create something specific to your school’s needs.


Professional Development Workshop

An interactive workshop for teachers covering the following topics: why and how work has changed and will continue to change; the soft skills that will help students most; updating the things we say about work.

Student Presentation

A thought provoking, inspirational message about the who, what, where, when and why of work in the 21st Century. Students will leave with a clear understanding of what it means to work, which no longer necessarily means having a job.

Parent Presentation

As parents, we all worry about our kids’ futures. We want them to succeed. But, if we give our kids the same career advice we received at their age, we’ll only set them up for disappointment. With a basic understanding of how work has changed, it’s easy to update the things we say about work and the advice we offer.