Molly Snyder

Hey there.  I’m Molly.

I’m on a mission to help schools, students, and parents prepare for the Future of Work.

I graduated college planning to teach high school English.  A sluggish economy changed those plans and I wound up in law school.  From there, I opened a law practice. For over 15 years I helped kids and their parents navigate through life’s legal problems.

Before, after, and in-between, I worked for McDonald's and Wendy's, cleaned rooms at a hotel, worked as a tour guide, taught business law to prison inmates, worked for a government agency as a lawyer and HR professional, and I even ran for county prosecutor.

I know what it’s like to follow a career path filled with obstacles. I found ways to turn those obstacles into opportunities. It wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t always fun. But, I learned a lot along the way.

Now, I’m here to help prepare today’s students for an uncertain future. With the right mindset and skills, they too can see obstacles as opportunities. They too can find meaningful work.  I can show them how.

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