Helping Prepare Today’s Kids for Tomorrow’s Opportunities

When we were kids, parents and teachers gave us career advice based on their own work experiences.

That won’t work anymore.

Repeating those same career conversations will set our kids up for disappointment.


Because, work has changed. How we get, do, and keep work has changed. And, it will keep changing.

We need to update our career conversations. Give today’s kids strategies for navigating this new world.

I know. You have zero time to figure out what to say.

So, I’ve figured it out for you. In just one day, I can update teachers, inspire students, and reassure parents.

You’re giving them the skills. Let me help you give them a map too.

Together, we can let them chase their dreams!


Ripped from the headlines — a thought experiment about the Future of Work.


The Mission

The world of work is changing. Rapidly and dramatically. Much of the change can bring a greater sense of meaning to work. But, for our kids to harness those opportunities, then we have our own work to do. We have to change the way we think and talk about work.

Now’s the time to update the things we say.
To prepare today’s kids to be tomorrow’s workers.
Prepare them for a world where work ethic alone will not be enough.
Where being human - compassionate, creative, and collaborative - will matter more.
— Molly Snyder, Owner

A Full-Service Program

In one session, Tomorrow's Workers will help you deepen your understanding of just how rapidly work is already changing and what skills will matter most to students as they navigate through this new world.

You’ll be amazed at how easily this knowledge can be integrated into today’s classroom — without changing or adding to the curriculum.