Helping Schools Prepare Students for the Future of Work

Robots took more jobs in North America during 2018 than any other year.

Autonomous shuttles drive people to work. Now, truck drivers worry they’ll be replaced. 

Even journalists, lawyers, and medical professionals are losing out to artificial intelligence. 

It’s not just job loss. Work itself is changing. Rapidly. 

This isn’t a far-off future. It’s not science fiction.

This is real. It’s now.

Helping students make decisions about their future requires an understanding of new terminology, new employment relationships, and new expectations for continuous upskilling.

Navigating this new world of work using outdated strategies will only frustrate students. They’ll feel unprepared.

Learning new strategies and skills is easy. It starts with knowledge.

But, who has the time to figure this out? How does anyone even know what to say?

Let Tomorrow’s Workers help. I study the Future of Work, so you don’t have to.

In just one day, teachers can gain a thorough understanding of the Future of Work. Students can get excited about finding meaningful work in the 21st Century.  And, parents can feel confident, even in these rapidly changing times.

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Ripped from the headlines — a thought experiment about the Future of Work.


The Services

Teachers, students, and parents can learn about the Future of Work through a variety of programs. Each designed to increase knowledge and understanding of what’s ahead for today’s students, tomorrow’s workers.

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The Savvy Six

The six essential skills for navigating through today’s new world of work.  Skills specifically for students, not employers.

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The Blog

Each week, I explore new ideas, or work through old ones. My aim is help adults prepare and empower today’s students. So, when they become tomorrow’s workers they know how to advocate for themselves, and navigate an ever evolving world.

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The Mission

The world of work is changing. Rapidly and dramatically. Much of the change can bring a greater sense of meaning to work. But, for our kids to harness those opportunities, then we have our own work to do. We have to change the way we think and talk about work.


I know educators' plates are full. So, I curate the best information and package it into an interactive program designed specifically for educators, students and even parents.  

— Molly Snyder, Owner


A Full-Service Program

In one session, Tomorrow's Workers will help you deepen your understanding of just how rapidly work is already changing and what skills will matter most to students as they navigate through this new world.

Administrators will be amazed at how easily this knowledge can be integrated into today’s classroom — without changing or adding to the curriculum.